Richest Lebanese People

Compiling the list of the richest Lebanese people and families in the world is a notoriously difficult exercise. Many have tried and nobody seems to agree on both the Listees and their estimated fortune. Not because there are so many but simply because Lebanese wealth is often “hidden” and hence oblivious to the approach of magazines like Forbes who are good at estimating the net worth of people like of Bill Gates (US citizens must disclose their assets + his Microsoft wealth is easy to estimate: number of shares x share price) but terrible at evaluating the wealth of, let’s say, African billionaires (who are hence rarely listed). The exercise is therefore much more complicated than Forbes’ simplistic approach that omits, every year, thousands of billionaires (and a lot of hidden money) in its listing of the world’s richest. The following list published by MENA Opportunities was therefore carefully put together by the Middle East Wealth Report ®, itself using many different sources, techniques and approaches to peg Lebanon’s richest and their estimated fortune (whether them or their family, a trait specific to Middle East wealth).

1 Carlos Slim US$72.5 billion  Lebanese by both his parents.
2 Al-Waleed bin Talal US$20.5 billion Half Saudi, half Lebanese.
3 Edmond Safra US$12.5 billion  Safra Family.
4 Gilbert Chagoury US$4.2 billion  Nigerian Lebanese.
5 Nicolas Hayek US$3.9 billion  Hayek Family.
6 Robert Mouawad US$3.5 billion  Mouawad Family.
7 Taha Mikati US$2.8 billion  Brother of Najib.
8 Najib Mikati US$2.6 billion  Brother of Taha.
9 Bahaa Hariri US$2.5 billion  Brother of Saad and Fahd.
10 Issam Fares US$2.3 billion  Fares Family.
11 Saad Hariri US$2.1 billion  Brother of Bahaa and Fahd.
12 Manuel Moroun US$1.8 billion  American Lebanese.
13 Alec Gores US$1.7 billion  American Lebanese.
14 Carlos Haddad US$1.6 billion  Brazilian Lebanese.
15 Hassan Sabra US$1.5 billion  Israeli Lebanese.

Source: Middle East Wealth Report ®, 2014.

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