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Ahmed AlMentheri Building Startups

Emirati entrepreneur Ahmed AlMentheri encountered the same problems that a lot of other young enterprise hopefuls mention - closed doors, and a lack of hard knowledge as to the process of converting an idea into a real business. His UAE-based company, Kaizen Blitz LLC (KB), is working with one product at present, an energy drink made in the U.S. named +RED. He’s currently employed in the oil and gas sector, and prior to launching KB did mostly “small business deals like selling plate numbers and classic cars.” As for the concept behind his new company’s corporate identity? AlMentheri explains that the Japanese name is “well-known in quality control,” and that their brand means “continuous improvement”. Improvement indeed, working with his co-founder, Walid Alkhaili, the duo wanted to get their idea off the ground, and went to Tejar Dubai for guidance after a slew of disappointments. “I came up with the idea when I was looking for a franchise to bring to the UAE, but with the demanding needs of the franchises we instead decided to create our own brands and to find new, unique brands to bring to the Middle East.”
AlMentheri has plans to do a whole lot more, both with his own company and to support the SME space in the country. “Emiratization is one of the most important issues that we all have to support for the UAE’s future,” says AlMentheri adding that once KB grows in size and need, employing the country’s nationals is high on their priority agenda. KB’s ambitious plans also include another facet of Emiratization: promoting and distributing products abroad that are developed in the UAE by Emiratis. As for the determination and motivation entrepreneurs need to keep going, AlMentheri says that “for me it’s a passion. Once you have passion for what you are doing, you will always be motivated to see it build from ground up.”

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